Sabotage the DM – Waterdeep Mallrats

Immersive storytelling in a fantasy world!

Sabotage the DM are a company of immersive performers telling improvised stories set in the magical and mysterious world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Our story follows 4 youngsters, starting out as 8 years old, traversing the tumultuous world of Waterdeep. They’d sneak out of school and into the famous Yawning Portal pub to listen to the revered heroes inside recounting their tales of fights and dungeons. Now 18 and just beginning to find their feet as heroes, they try to discover their place in the world whilst being stuck between two the warring gangs of Blackstar Lane. Perhaps one day they’ll enter the Yawning Portal as heroes themselves!

We also invite the audience to influence the adventure! Viewers receive points that they can spend to influence crucial moments during the campaign. You could mean the difference between an attack hitting or missing, an agreement honoured or broken, a character living or dying. Will you help or hinder our heroes?

Join DM Joe Thorpe and:

Oshisota (Gabrielle MacPherson)
Baggi (Evie James)
Arbour (Rob Thompson)
Pups (Dan Burman)

On Twitch every Monday 7pm GMT / 11am PST.

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