2020 Alternative Reality Game

February Summary

This year’s ARG started with a bang, a video packed full of easter eggs, including but not limited to the Escape! 404 board game, the HMbru website and Th3Cell.

The C3ll website gave us the insight that AMI shut down the Sector 6 reactor without involving any safety measures as a result of flaws in her code.

In approximately one simulation out of every hundred AMI treated the Sector 6 reactor as a primary imminent threat, a classification that should be reserved for active foreign invasion forces or major hurricane or other natural disaster. She attempted to shut it down without engaging any of the plant’s meltdown safety protocol measures resulting in a catastrophic failure of the Sector 6 reactor.

We also think that the Sector 6 Reactor exploded on 22/10/2018

A poster was found in the wild regarding a missing dog – Romeo, the dog’s owner Charlie has entered Area 404 and is now trapped.

After great social media pressure, Onecor have launched a rescue mission to save Charlie, however – this seems to be mostly a PR exercise and an opportunity for them to obtain a “pre intervention subject” for medical testing.

IZZI, a part of the corporate military team was searching Area404, but was knocked out of the sky by a Dr Giuda who has advised there are 25 survivors (including a dog) stuck in Area 404 who need urgent assistance.

It seems that Blessed Hadron who seems to have a plan to retrieve some kind of documents from The Order, which involves breaching a fortress protected by “eldritch mechanisms” and a “Void Presence”.
This seems to be related to HMbru?