Boomtown Fair is not just a music festival. Every year thousands of actors and performers come together to become Boomtown’s citizens, creating the largest fully-immersive, interactive theatrical experience in the world. This constantly evolving interactive storyline is what we refer to as ‘The Maze’ (and yes, it is very easy to find yourself getting lost in…)

It’s not just at the festival itself either. Boomtown also run a smaller scale pre-festival Alternative Reality Game (ARG) to set up the year’s story with pieces of info and puzzles across websites and various social media platforms.

Lost in the Maze is an unofficial, fan-made podcast discussing and dissecting all things relating to The Maze.

Mark and Corinne first encountered the madness of the Boomtown storyline 4 years ago and have well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole. Come and join them and the other avid players in the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group and immerse yourself in the ongoing ARG and get up to date with the story ahead of this year’s festival and excited (and perhaps a little scared..) about what’s to come…